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Where A Culture Of Love And Safety In Your Marriage Begins

Love flourishes when we feel safe. A sense of emotional safety is foundational to having a great - or even decent-- marriage. When both partners feel safe with each other, the real heights of love and connection are available.

From that zone of love and safety in a marriage, communication is easy, conflict gets resolved quickly, and playful, passionate, tender ways of interacting just naturally effortlessly happen. We can bring more compassion, patience, understanding, and presence to each other, making our relationship an ever-deepening culture of safety, love, and nourishment in our lives.

But, because we are human, and especially as sensitive women, we may NOT feel so safe much of the time, or when it comes to certain things that happen in our relationship. We may feel insecure, unsettled, anxious, untrusting, uncomfortable in our skin, unable to let our guard down in this way or that way. In other words: unsafe.

The amazing news is that you don’t have to wait for conditions to be just so for you to feel so much safer in your relationship.

  • Where safety and lack of safety really comes from (it might surprise you),

  • How to avoid the most common mistake about how to feel safer,

  • How to identify when you don’t have enough emotional safety

  • Why you want to build more of it

  • Why you have control over how much of a culture of love and safety your marriage is,

  • Specific steps to begin building WAY more of it inside yourself and, ultimately, in your marriage, and how developing a kind relationship to your own mind is the one of the main keys to doing so..

You can learn to feel deeply safe inside of yourself. When you do, you will be freed up to enjoy your relationship --and truly your whole LIFE--so much more.

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