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Whose Business Am I In?

Updated: Jan 22

This episode should be required listening for anyone in an intimate relationship! With many years under my belt as a marriage coach, one of the biggest and most common problem-causer I’ve noticed again and again that causes disrespect, pain, and discord in marriages (and more so in HSP marriages) is the tendency to not know the difference between one’s own side of the court and one’s partner's side of the court–and therefore not tend well to your own, and over-tend to theirs. 

This episode will shed light on why this is so damaging, help you identify if you are doing this–even just a little bit–and help you put an end to it, so you can re-develop or strengthen the mutual respect in your relationship that is so essential for it to thrive.

We dive into the 3 types of “business” there are when it comes to relationships, and clarify what is your domain and what is your spouses–and what is beyond everyone's control.

Then you will get very specific and practical advice on  how you can stop wasting your energy where you have no power or control, and instead put your energy where it is truly effective to drive REAL positive change in yourself and in your marriage…and you and your significant other are freed up to both able to genuinely enjoy each other a whole lot more 

For some of you, when you take this episode to heart, it will be the magic bullet that begins a cascade of healing in your marriage–and that perhaps even lets you see once again in your partner that person who you originally fell in love with, but haven’t seen in a while! 

Listen in here  or below to find out how you can, too!

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