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Why Your Marriage Is More Important Than Ever

Can you feel it? The most important things in life right now are your relationships with those you love. This world-wide crisis has pulled that right into focus. Love is what matters.

And if things are not easy or as loving between you and your partner these days, this is your call to put your focus there, where it really matters.

Because what else can we rely on? Not the stock market. Maybe not our jobs. Not even our own health or the health of our nearest and dearest. What we do have is our LOVE for those in our lives. We have control over:

  • how we feel towards them.

  • how much warmth we have towards them.

  • how valuable and worthy we feel around them.

  • how good we feel about ourselves.

  • how much love we experience in our daily lives...

Which is good news...because what the world needs more than ever right now is those who really know how to love. It’s the glue that pulls families, and communities, together. Not only to overcome this hardship and future hardships, but to move through them so much easier, with the most joy and meaning possible.

Love is one of the most healing medicines in the human experience.

I’ve always known this. As a little girl my family asked us kids, “what’s the most important thing in the world?” One said “water”. One said “the sun”.

I said “Love”.

Somehow I already knew it was a most powerfully benevolent force on our planet. (Water and sun are essential, too, though! But who even wants to live without such a thing as love?).


  • feeds our cells.

  • Sustains and improves our health.

  • Makes us way more stress resilient.

  • Improves our effectiveness.

  • Gets us coming up with creative solutions to life‘s problems.

  • Has us seeing the big picture.

  • Counteracts loneliness, anger, and the kind of suffering and greed that’s ruining life on our planet.

  • Makes us feel like we belong.

Love is the antidote to almost all of our planet's problems. Even pandemics (staying away from each other right now is a profound act of love).

And you and me and the rest of us sensitive people are major players in the love crusade. Because we can feel love so deeply, we therefore have the capacity to give it so easily.

And we are deeply nourished by love. It affects us even more than a non-sensitive person.

So, in our hands love can do so much good. We are set up to be instruments of love. To spread love into our own lives and watch the ripple effect happen with joy and pride.

But only if we know how to access it. To live from it.

You see, we also pop out of love easily, too. We can find ourselves tapping into the flip-side of our sensitivity all too often:

  • the upset, the judgment, the irritation, the resentment, the anxiety.

  • The slave-driving perfectionism.

  • The control.

  • The need for others to approve of us.

  • The self-sacrificing. The depletion. The running ourselves ragged to the bone.

  • The caring for others over our own self.

All of which affects us-- and the people in our lives--for the worse.

Do you want to make a difference in your own world? And in the wider world? Then start with your heart. Start with your marriage.

Marriage is the most fertile training zone for learning how to truly love.

Because it offers a lot of challenges, yes. Which are there to be overcome. AND because it offers a lot of advantages. It's a container in which to explore and grow and learn:

  • to deeply value ourselves and our partner--quirks and flaws and all.

  • to drop the normal human urge to try to turn our partner into who we want them to be —or to turn them into the bad guy.

  • to build a reservoir of strength, forgiveness, commitment, compassion, acceptance, and tenderness inside you that's deeper and wider than you’ve ever experienced before.

I invite you to think of your marriage not as the place you finally arrive so you can become complacent, but as the perfect container to hold and support and nourish your biggest growth yet:

Becoming a person who lives truly and authentically from the strength of love. A love that sustains you, your partner, your family, your community and our world.

If this speaks to you, if you want more love in your life, if deep down you long to be part of what shifts the tides in our world, if you know you need some support tapping into love and making your marriage what you’ve always deeply wanted it to be, come coach with me.

Together we will change your marriage, and your life-- and watch the ripples spread.

To get started, email me at and say "I’m in". We’ll set up a time to connect and take it together from there.


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