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You Have What it Takes For Real Love

You don't just have to tolerate this wild ride of life. I mean, yeah, it's hard

sometimes. But, seriously, this is your LIFE. You are here to love it. And you-- with that big heart and sensitive soul-- have what it takes to love it. Some sensitive folks look at my life and say,  “How do you handle having three kids and all you have going on? It must be overwhelming!” Well. I don’t just handle it. I don’t just get by! I LOVE my life. With three loud boys, a business to run, a house and big gardens to maintain, and a marriage to cultivate. Oh, yeah, and a pandemic and a country that is burning up in more ways than one. It is, of course, easy to love my life when I see my boys smiling or my husband comes over and kisses my neck, or when I take a two hour long walk alone on a dirt road. When my littlest makes silly jokes and we giggle together. But I also love my life in all the imperfect moments: EVEN WHEN I have resistance to getting out of bed in the morning. EVEN IF I feel frustrated that I’m wiping the floor clean of spilled milk or tea for the fifth time that day.  EVEN WHEN my littlest gets sick and we worry we’ve invited the coronavirus into our home. EVEN WHEN I feel agitated enough to tell my family I’m going upstairs for some quiet alone time. EVEN IF my husband is stressed out and uses THAT tone with me.

I definitely did not used to love my life so unequivocally. I saw so much of what was wrong with it. I didn’t know how to get out of it all. I felt overwhelmed a ton by my boys, work, and my husband’s shortcomings... So what changed?  I did not have a fairy god-mother to wave her magic wand over me and make everything just so. That would have been cool. But no. made it happen.

This is how: First, I accepted THIS is my one life. Right here. THIS sensitive body, heart, brain. THIS man. THIS marriage. THESE wild boys.   And I decided I did not want to just tolerate it. I wanted to love it. Right now. NOT someday out in the future. And I saw that it was up to me and only me to do so. I recognized I needed to learn how.  So...I hired a coach.  Coaching got me where I wanted to be. I learned to genuinely love the entire spectrum of my human emotions. To be at peace with all of them.

And to create way more of the ones I most cherish: love, peacefulness, joy, safety, trust, delight.  Coaching changed my brain for the waaay better. My brain now: Loves and enjoys my life.  Adores the people in it. Even when it’s loud. Even when it’s overstimulating. Even when it’s hard. I delight in this wild ride I’m on as a human. I delight in my own growth everyday. I delight in the love inside and around me. Getting coached to get to this point is a priceless gift I’ve given myself. I would trade it for absolutely nothing. Neither would my family--- since, to be quite honest, I’m much more fun to be around than I used to be! Our home is full of laughter and hugs. More love than ever flows between us all. 

If you're ready to be able to confidently, enthusiastically say the same things about your life and marriage, come coach with me. Why sit around barely tolerating things when you can totally love them? Email me and say, "I'm ready", and we will talk about what that will entail for you.



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