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  • Hannah

Why It's Wonderful News That It's Up to You

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "Why should it just be up to me to work on our relationship? Shouldn't we both be trying to improve things? It feels unfair..."

I know it can be hard to wrap your mind around what a huge amount of influence you have over how loving and mutually supportive your relationship can feel, because it's not what we're taught. But I strongly believe that (and witness all the time), rather than it being burdensome that the change is up to you, it's a powerful wonderful opportunity.

Watch the video below to learn why, and to try a small experiment to see for yourself, and see some sweet changes start to take place between you and your partner... (or you can download and listen to the audio version just below the video)

If you prefer, download and listen to the audio version here:

I'd love to hear how your little experiment went! Did you notice any small (or big?!!) changes in the way your partner is responding to you? What happened? Let me know by posting in the comments below.

And keep a look out for next week's post, where I share with you 5 Ways To Improve Things When Your Partner's The Problem.

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