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  • Hannah

10 Things To Give You Hope About Your Love Life

If you find you get easily rattled, you feel things intensely, or have always felt more sensitive than other people, you may feel kind of bad about it on some level. These qualities are not exactly praised in our society, so it's no surprise if you sometimes wonder if something's a little wrong with you...

Plus, you may notice how these qualities can bring some challenges to your relationships. But what if I told you those very qualities are actually some of what's really right with you?

We sensitive women often don't recognize how wonderful we actually are. Obviously, for happiness in love and life, it's essential to feel genuinely good about ourselves. So today I'm pointing out the amazing strengths and gifts (possibly overlooked or untapped) that you have as a sensitive person.

These 10+ strengths of yours are all incredible assets to having a deeply connected, loving, lasting committed relationship. They emerge naturally when you are healthy and honoring your uniques needs as a sensitive woman. Check them out in this video:

All these gifts emerge easily when you have the courage and willingness to honor and work effectively with your unique quirks and traits.

Here's the link to the post I mentioned in the video (if you want to understand a bit more about the trait of High Sensitivity and how it impacts relationships.)

Did you pick up on how much I believe in you? So much.

Which of the gifts do you already recognize in yourself? Which do you want to bring out more? Please share your answers with us by commenting below.

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