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A Practical Way To Invite More Closeness With Your Partner

I’ve been talking about leading love a little bit lately—meaning taking responsibility for making your relationship the emotionally connected, supportive, loving one you want it to be. I also call this Owning Your Power.

If this (and my last post about it all) sounded abstract, that's because it was meant to get you thinking about the big picture…

Seeing the big picture, seeing what's possible-- and what it'll take to get there-- can be inspiring, motivating, and courage-evoking. Just what we humans need to start taking action to shift things in our marriages.

Today I want to zoom back in a bit, and remind you that you already have some tangible practical tools to take the “lead” and Own Your Power in your marriage. I've been sharing some with you in posts about the 7 Relationship Skills For Love That Lasts.

This video offers an example of how to weave some of these skills together, into one relationship shifting moment. This is a very simple example of what "leading" looks like:

Here’s the link to the post that talks about The Skills. It includes links to a deeper look at each other them (though you may not have noticed it, I have been secretly touching on every single one of them in more depth over the last couple months!), giving you some tangible things to work with to begin to step into your leadership self and be on your way to feeling more of the harmony, closeness, and love you want in your marriage.

xx Hannah



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