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From Complaint To Connection

If you’re a sensitive woman who loves connection and wants to feel closer to your partner, this episode is for you.

There is so much connection available to us in our intimate relationships. And yet so many of us aren’t experiencing it --often, tragically, to the point that many women question if their relationship is worth continuing.

But it’s most often not that connection is unavailable in our relationship, but because we’re going about trying to get it in the wrong way, with approaches that backfire!

It’s kind of like being given a new car before you get your license, then trying to learn to drive it on your own; and when it jolts when you hit the brakes or press the gas, you say, “Take this vehicle back. It’s no good!” But the vehicle was never the problem. You simply hadn’t yet learned to drive.

Just like it takes some learning to be able to drive a car smoothly, it can take developing some skills to gain access to the connection you want in your marriage, instead of pushing it away.

In this episode, you’ll learn what to stop doing that creates disconnection, speaking to what you don’t want. It was an old go-to backfiring tactic of my own and oh-so-common for HSPs: otherwise known as complaining.

Then you’ll learn what to do that DOES create connection: speak to what you do want.

This requires embracing the magic secret sauce, which I share all about, that gains you access to the yummiest, sweetest, most tender connection possible.

(Hint: it can feel uncomfortable, but it will gain you the kind of strength and security you most want: that of genuine, lasting, loving closeness with your husband.)

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