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The Possibility Of A Much Better Marriage (Episode 1 Of Highly Sensitive, Happily Married)

In this inaugural episode, learn how you are not alone as a sensitive person if it feels like things are harder than they should be in your marriage.

Why? Love doesn’t always come as naturally as we were taught it would--to ALL of us. On top of that, we Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) have unique challenges (and strengths) that tend to affect our relationships. 

But this never means you should resign you to settling for a less-than-happy marriage. In fact, you have it in you to have an amazing marriage, where love, connection,  and joy deepens, instead of fades, over time. 

 Even if:

You’ve been called too sensitive, 

You’ve failed many times before, 

You think you just aren't cut out love, 

Your partner is falling short in so many ways,

You spouse feels he needs to walk on eggshells around you, 

You’re considering separation, 

You’re irritable, resentful, easily hurt, 

Or you just aren't able to access much love these days...

...You can still feel deeply good about yourself and so secure in the love in your marriage. 

It starts with UNLEARNING a few major myths we've all learned that keep us in unhealthy patterns of interacting with our significant other.  And LEARNING a few key things about sensitivity and love.

Dive into this here to get set up for making the changes you want in your marriage. This episode will leave you feeling relieved, understood, and truly encouraged about the future of your marriage.

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