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The Sensitive Love Revolution

The fact of the matter is there’s a lack of empathy, understanding, attentiveness, care and compassion--in other words, SENSITIVITY!-- in our world and intimate relationships.

And so many women right now are hungry for more of this sensitivity in their marriages.

I want this for them deeply, too. It's high time to usher into our marriages, and ultimately into our world, the love and sensitivity we deeply yearn for. It’s time to bring about a sensitivity revolution.

So what does that entail and where do we start?

In this episode I break it down for you, cheer you on and empower you to invite way more of this life-and-love enhancing sensitivity into your own love life and world.

We cover:

  • What’s keeping the sensitivity we want just out of reach in our marriages and world

  • Mindset shifts to help you feel empowered, ready, and inspired to put yourself behind your dream of a marriage full of empathy, support, and loving attentiveness.

  • Essential and overlooked understandings about yourself as a sensitive person to grasp, so you can start to deepen into how YOU are naturally the exact the force to bring about these changes

  • Insights into specific aspects of our sensitivity trait, which may at first glance seem detrimental, but are actually powerful gifts perfectly designed to bring about the kinds of changes we envision.

  • Why, once you learn to honor and work with your sensitivity, you are perfectly positioned and even meant to successfully lead loving sensitivity in your own mini-realm.

  • And how that doesn’t mean being a doormat, or being nice and sweet all the time, but rather requires strong loving self-advocacy, not tolerating mistreatment, and fiercely standing up for the respect you deserve.

  • How the work to make these big changes is actually very intimate and accessible, as it starts right here in you and your marriage.

  • And how by working to bring more sensitivity into your marriage, you’re actually bringing about the exact medicine the planet, as a whole, needs to heal.

If you want to bring about a sea-change of sensitivity in your marriage and in the larger world— that will make both into realms you are naturally much happier in, this is a must listen episode!

(Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so go search it there!)





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