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2 Highly Effective Ways To Ask For (And Get) What You Want

Being willing to ask for what you want from your husband, whether it’s help with chores, or time to connect with him, is simply an essential part of feeling supported in your relationship.

Many women, though, have resistance to asking for what they want, or simply go about it in ways that aren’t very successful, and then end up feeling discouraged, resentful, and unsupported in their marriage.

This episode helps you turn that around and empowers you to have a high success rate in getting the responses you want, the loving gestures you want, and things done around the house.

I share 2 specific highly effective communication tactics to make requests (along with a couple of things to avoid), so you can compel your man to WANT to do the things you want him to.

Listen in to learn how to get more support from your partner, feel so much more satisfaction and connection, and anything else you are wanting to experience in your marriage.

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