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How Real Change Happens In Your Marriage

If you’ve ever been frustrated by slow or no change in your relationship–either on partner's end or your own, and you want to stop falling into those same old painful dynamics with your partner again and again, and instead SEE things actually getting better over time…

… you’ve got to understand how change works.

Because it really is a process, with 4 distinct stages. And before you even get to them, there is a pre-stage, which is where most people (you?) tend to get stuck.

When you understand these 4 stages you will be so much better equipped to make the real change you want actually happen.

In this episode, we dive into them, as well as into a bit of the science of what is really going on to make new ways of being with each other stick.

So many people don't understand how change really works, and therefore don’t persevere with the process… and end up getting nowhere. 

Now, because of this episode, that will not be you anymore!

With personal and client stories, and well as one very important metaphor to help you understand how the brain really changes (and the brain IS your  #1 agent of change), you will leave this episode so much more empowered and so much more hopeful and encouraged that you, too, can make those changes you've been wanting in your marriage.  Dive in!

Listen in here  or below to find out how you can, too!

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