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What To Do When He Doesn’t Honor Your Request To Be More Romantic

You've asked him to be more romantic. He isn't doing it. Now what?

There’s not a whole lot more frustrating in a relationship than asking your partner for something (especially something vulnerable like more romance) and have him not agree --or agree and then not follow through!!

It can leave you feeling helpless to get your desires for intimacy and connection met. It can even be a deal breaker.

But wait. You have way more sway here than you may feel. EVEN if you’ve already asked him in the highly effective ways I shared in episode 30, and it isn’t “working”.

In todays episode we dive into 3 essential steps to take if you want your partner to be more affectionate, more flirty, more loving, or to initiate sex more, or speak more of YOUR love language.

We dive into:

  • What’s most often at the root of this issue

  • The opportunity that lies in this challenge

  • How to set the stage for effective communication around this

  • Specific ways to approach your husband to make sure you’ve communicated in ways he’s most likely to understand and get on board with…

  • How to improve things in this area even if he says no or isn’t able to do the things you want (which is totally empowering and important to do anyway—even if your communicating works to get him to do more of what you want!)

  • The immense possibility that taking empowered actions around this will lead to in your life

If you want to feel more desired by your partner, if you want to feel more cherished, if you love romance and affection ….and you feel it’s insufficient in your marriage, give this episode a serious listen. Take notes! And then put these 3 steps into action.

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