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Interdependent loving (VS Unconscious Dependence)

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

For most of us highly sensitive women, the ultimate marriage would be one that feels truly, lovingly, interdependent:

Where you and your significant other are mutually supportive, you face the daily challenges of living together with a sense of ally-ship, where you lean on each other, and love helping each other grow and evolve and overcome hard moments and old wounds, where you naturally lift each other up, and the daily to-dos get done with ease and collaboration…where you work through hard emotions together and you help each other feel connected and safe.

We all want this kind of relationship. But in our eagerness to have that, we often make the mistake that costs us our happiness in marriage–or even our marriage itself…

...the mistake of skipping over the KEY WORK that will actually allow us to have that interdependent love we so desire.

And so we unconsciously find ourselves instead in an emotionally dependent relationship, instead–one that is full of struggles, disconnection, and more heartache than we ever asked for.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • what I mean by emotional dependence,

  • if and where you may be falling into that (very normal in our modern world) trap,

  • why it’s taking you further from the marriage you really want,

  • why there’s no need for any shame or self-blame about this

  • and most importantly, what you can do to reverse it and move your marriage toward the lovingly interdependent one you want! (And YES, you have that power!)

Listen in to harness that huge influence over how your marriage goes, how loved, secure, and in love you feel, and how lovingly and supportively your partner relates to you.

And perk your ears for the big announcement I make that you’ll want to learn all about!

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