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How To Invite Him To Improve Your Marriage With You

You want to feel like your partner is your teammate in making this marriage better. But you may sometimes (or often) feel alone in doing that work, or it seems he avoids working on certain aspects of your marriage–even if you’ve asked him to. You're not quite sure what it takes to sway the tides and get him improving your marriage by your side.

I have been here, too. But I learned how to change all of that! Now I never feel I’m alone in doing what it takes to make our marriage great. It is a truly sweet thing to see your significant other pro-actively growing and working by your side to improve things between you. That’s why I want you to know the secret to inviting him to improve things with you–and having him accept your invitation, of course!

That's what we dive into in this episode. We first look at what NOT to do, and how often our normal approach to getting his support in changing things actually leads to him resisting doing it. Then we dive deep into what you actually need to do to get him on board.

And it’s not about saying just the right thing, though words are part of it. The key is something deeper, something that you can unlock inside of yourself that will open the door to him wanting to improve things, too.

Let me lay it out for you, so you can make the changes in you that will lead to him contributing more than ever to having a marriage with you that deepens in its loving sensitivity, intimacy, connection, and mutual support the longer you’re together.

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