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Learned Not Innate

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

This episode offers you encouragement and an important reminder that I know I used to need often, myself. This could be a great episode to listen to with your partner, if they are willing.

Growing up in this world, it is hard to escape taking on certain basic ideas about marriage and love—ones, unfortunately, that are not only wrong, but also actually prevent us from having the deeply loving and healthy marriages most of us want.

Today I spin those ideas on their head for you and offer you the shame-relieving truth about what it takes to have the kind of marriage you want and deserve.

If you want your marriage to pull out of the hard place it may be in these days, or if you want to take it from okay to amazing, this episode offers you the most fundamental and important key to doing so. You'll take away from it lots of fresh motivation and inspiration and hope to fuel the changes you want. Don’t miss it.

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