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Non-Negotiable Wants In Marriage

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Your wants and needs can be met in your relationship–even if they aren’t right now. Last episode we clarified the difference between want and a need– and it is required listening before diving into this one.

In this episode, we look more in depth at getting your WANTS met in your relationship (think of it as part 2 on fulfilling your wants and needs in your marriage).

You’ll come away knowing the top 2 things you need to really understand to get your wants and needs met, what a Non-Negotiable Want is, and why self-worth (or being important to yourself) is an essential part of having your wants fulfilled.

In this episode, you’ll also actually develop more self-worth and clarity on what your personal non-negotiable wants are–so you can call them into your life.

I illustrate all of it with a very personal example from a hard time my husband and I went through this summer––and share what I did to make it so we came out stronger than ever, so now I’m not just getting my needs met, but my wants, as well!

Listen in to find out how you can, too!

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