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One Tiny Thing That Seriously Dulls The Love In Your Marriage

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

If there's a sense of lack-of-luster in your relationship, or you find yourself feeling disinterest, irritation, or disconnection with your husband, or you wonder if your marriage will ever feel good, alive, and totally loving again, it is not necessarily because there is a huge problem between you.

It is more likely because of some very harmless-seeming little things you might not even notice:

Your simple, unremarkable, everyday thoughts.

In this episode, I illustrate this deeply and clearly by sharing a very personal experience of this over the summer, and exactly how I worked with it to feel so much more joy and connection again with my husband (and with myself, too!).

Then I share exactly how you can identify and overcome the same connection and passion-killing thoughts in your own life, so you can move back towards more of the vibrancy, love, and joy in your own marriage.

Listen in to uncover a “gold mine” for a more vibrant marriage, one you can mine over and over for a more and more thriving marriage and life.

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