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Needs Vs Wants in Marriage

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In the world of relationship improvement, “needs” gets used a whole lot! If you are using it in your own mind or saying it to your partner a lot, it makes were taught to.

But often when we say needs what we are really talking about is a want. We get these two terms mixed up—and it’s not good for our own emotional well-being, or our marriage, leading to all sorts of power struggles, feelings of resentment, disappointment, and helplessness to make things good between you.

In fact, having confusion about the difference—and where our needs and wants get met—can be the downfall of many relationships that would otherwise thrive.

So today we are going to bust some of this confusion apart and get you some real clarity about the difference between wants and needs in your marriage.

We will also dive into where your true power is to get your emotional needs met–and some of the specific differences you might, as a highly sensitive women, have to address around this–so you can have agency over your experience in your relationship–and a better marriage for the rest of your life!

What I share today may challenge what you’ve been taught and believed up until now, but it will change everything in your marriage for the better.

If you want a light, loving, connected marriage, where you actually enjoy your partner and feel consistently secure and fulfilled , then this is essential listening for you.

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