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The Amazing Human Marriage

Without knowing where we want to go, how can we ever get there? We can’t, at least not without a ton of meandering and getting lost along the way.

So having a clear vision of what you WANT in your marriage is always the very first step to creating it.

I want you, my friend — and all sensitive women who are in a partnership (or want to be) — to have what they feel is an amazing relationship, an amazing marriage.

And I bet you want that, too.

Creating that requires some learning and skill building, and also some UNLEARNING — of what we’ve been taught that doesn’t work.

So we need to start with not just a vision, but a re-envisioning of how we want our marriages to be — one that takes into account the VERY REAL HUMANS we are, in this current moment in time.

In this episode, I offer you that: a re-envisioning of what an amazing marriage realistically looks like for us as sensitive humans. A vision that I’ve brought to life in my own marriage, and my clients have in theirs, too...

...It's a vision that YOU yourself can achieve with your partner, too!

Slow down and really take in and SAVOR this episode. It will be the start of a sea-change of more love, connection, support, and ease in your marriage. It will be the beginning of you making your marriage one that gets more amazing for the rest of your life.

Not seeing your preferred podcast listening platform? It's on most, so search for "Highly Sensitive, Happily Married" there!


And for more on creating an amazing marriage, check out this post.

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