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A Loving Revolution In Your Marriage

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Ready to make a huge difference in your own life, and those around you?

I have an invitation to all you sensitive women here who are ready to be part of making a better, brighter, more deeply loving world for ourselves and the future humans. Join me in creating: A world where we women know deeply the loving influential power of our huge high-integrity hearts --and use it to make our marriages thriving examples of how great relationships are done for the generations that come after us. A world where we're not beholden to and ensnared in the suffering-producing ways the generations that came before us navigated marriage, because we have shed that old conditioning and unlearned the ways that led the people of the past straight to resentment, bitterness, loneliness, subservience, and disconnection. Instead, we choose to learn the path to having the most lovingly sensitive, deeply intimate, inter-dependent love there is with our partner. This is a world where we no longer feel overtaken and undone by our big deep emotions, where instead we're dependably able to guide ourselves back from the edge into feelings of peace, confidence, compassion, and real deep love. A world where we KNOW EXACTLY HOW to be in charge of the most powerful creator of our experiences: our own brain and nervous systems. A world where we aren’t at the mercy of their autopilot reactions, but where we are their loving supervising stewards… we have the owner's manual of our brain and nervous system and know it by heart, so we always know how to guide them to support us in creating what we WANT in our lives. In this world, we sensitive women cultivate our own personal sovereignty until we become unstoppable forces of love in our lives. So that YOUR world is a place where you wake in the morning and smile that you’re here in another new day, with a person so dear to you waking up at your side… ... and you know without a doubt that today, once again, you and he will have many moments of sweet affection, moments of I ”see you” passing between, moments where the daily challenges of living will be faced supportively together, where laughter will assuredly bubble up as you joke together, and the daily to-dos get done with ease and collaboration… And love never feels like a struggle, but a naturally richly rewarding realm you live and breathe in every day…

In this world, others no longer see us sensitive women as “too sensitive”. They, instead, look to us as the models to follow when it comes to having relationships that brim full of connection, joy, understanding, and support... and people come to us to ask, How is that done? How can I have what you have? How can I invite that beautiful sensitivity and deep love into the heart of my relationship?” THIS is what we are doing here in Hannah-Land. We are creating a revolution of love in the world, starting in the heart of our OWN world.

It starts in YOUR marriage. It starts in YOU. It starts by deciding you are done with what isn’t working, and you’re ready to make changes at the SOURCE, so all of this love pours into your own world, and stays there for the LIFE.

I will show you the way when we coach together. Join me. Join us (the sensitive women who have done so before you).

When you do, not only will you be changing your love life for the-so-much-better, YOU will be part of something so much bigger, something that’s shifting the tides of love and humanity for ALL of us into the future.

Which, if you are anything like me and my clients, makes your big, loving, sensitive heart sing. With Love, Hannah P.S. This IS for you if you are even slightly moved by these words.---even if you have no idea HOW to do any of this...You don’t have to know how (and you shouldn’t yet, because no one taught you!!) --I know how...and I’ve got you every step of the way there when you coach with me. There is no better time than now to start the process.


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