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How Self-Love=Better Communication; Kathryn's Story

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Today we have another special guest—my client Kathryn! In this episode she shares a bit of the story of her journey from feeling really stuck in her marriage and unhappy with herself—what we playfully called, “I suck syndrome”—to feeling much happier with herself and her marriage.

Her story is a great example of how a highly sensitive woman—with classic HSP challenges in relationship—can really improve her marriage by working on herself.

She illustrates how you can transform your relationship with yourself, and therefore your communication and ways of relating to your partner (and your whole life), that will lead to way more fun, connection and happiness.

  • What NOT loving herself looked like, felt like, and how it affected her marriage

  • How things have shifted for her in terms of her emotions, her marriage, and her general enjoyment of life, now that she’s come a long way in accepting herself and bringing in more self-love.

  • What she did to really improve the communication in her marriage so both her and her husband have much better conversation about the things that matter.

  • How she went from being defended to being vulnerable, and how that led to more connection with her husband.

  • A couple great practices that really worked for her to help her make these big changes in herself and her marriage.

  • And more!

Kathryn is down to earth and has a straightforward way of articulating things that will help you get more insight into what self-love really is, what it entails to develop it, and how it will improve everything for the better in your life when you do.

You’ll take away so much from this conversation!

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