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Moving Out Of Disenchantment

Sometimes when clients come to me, they express wanting to go back to the experience of love that they had in the very early days with their partner: that juiciness, excitement, joy, and deep attention to one another’s positive attributes.

But I don’t want that for them — or you.

And no, I don't want you to stay where you are either, in the land of disenchantment (with yourself or with him), where you see mostly problems and faults — and feel a lot more negative emotions than you did in the early days.

I want you to move on through this place (a place that most of us go to…and sometimes end up stuck in for the rest of our lives).

I want you to move past there and into the land of more mature, evolved, deeper, and genuine love than you’ve known before…

…A place that feels reminiscent of those early days, but is no longer based on false understandings of each other. That’s no longer coming from infatuation and ideas about one another that are falsely glorified.

I want you to come to know real deep love of this person you’ve chosen as your life partner — love of all of who they are: the good, the bad, the ugly…

(Think: your heart swelling with palpable love for them.)

I want you to come to know, too, the real love this person has for you — a love for all of who you are.

This is a love that frees you both to be totally cherished for exactly the person you each are.

In other words, a mature and joyful love. A conscious love. An amazing, deep, human love.

(Want a more vivid idea of what this looks like? Check out this post or this podcast episode.)

So, forget returning to those early days…

It’s time to move out of the middle days of disenchantment…

…and into the days of having a truly amazing marriage.

And yes, this is available to you. This is what I will help you bring to life in your marriage when you coach with me.

The first step? Click here to answer a few questions and schedule a time to talk. Then we will hop on a call together, talk about how things are now in your marriage and how you ultimately want them to be, and decide whether coaching with me is right for you.

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