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The 2 Brain Biases That Work Against Love

We all are born with 2 particular “biases” of our brains that make lasting love difficult…that is, until we understand them and learn to overcome them!

These innate biases are simply ways our human brains (highly sensitive or not) naturally function that lead to perceiving the world–and our partner –in certain predictable ways.

If you ever feel resentful, disappointed in, frustrated with, or hurt by your partner…if the same issues are coming up in this relationship that came up in past ones, if you feel less respect, attraction or admiration of your husband than you wish– or you generally just aren’t as happy as you’d like to be in your marriage, I can guarantee that’s at least in part because of these 2 biases.

When we do not understand these biases and how they operate hand in hand, we live our lives at their effect–meaning they rule our experience of love. For the worse…

It’s almost like they cast a painful spell on us (what I call Real but not True syndrome) … leaving us feeling very real painful feelings and wreaking havoc in our marriages. Interestingly, these feelings aren’t based on truth. They are based on your brain’s biased, subjective, distorted way of seeing things.

Today, I give you the understanding you need to see how these 2 innate biases are negatively affecting your own marriage, and share how you can rise above them by consciously choosing to not fall under their spell–so you can feel so much more of all the good stuff in your marriage, and have a love that lasts for the long haul.

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