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The Magic Of Letting Your Partner Be...

An authentic, emotionally intimate, sensitively loving relationship — and a sustained joy — arises when we let ourselves love our significant other just as they are.


  1. Because they feel safe to be their true selves with us, which is fun for both of us. Pressure is gone, so ease, lightness, and laughter enter in.

  2. Because we no longer waste precious energy fighting the reality of who they are and we make peace with the reality of their humanness (which is a non-changeable given).

  3. Because we give ourselves the gift of feeling love for the REAL human in front of us.

  4. And therefore we teach ourselves to be able to love not just the easy and pretty, but the difficult and gritty and real in this life…and so we get to spend so much more time in the JOY of the healing feeling of love.

  5. And we get to feel amazing much more of the time about this one life and about who we have chosen to be in a relationship with.

But letting the other be as they are and LOVING them deeply for it (with no ifs or buts or unlesses) isn't instinctual, isn’t easy and natural…

…Not when we are up against a lot of cultural conditioning that teaches otherwise.

…Not when we believe our happiness depends on our partner being a certain way (that he often isn't).

…Not when we forget that loving is always an option, always available, and always affects our lives positively — no exceptions.

So this is the work we have cut out for us:

  • To untangle our hearts from the conditioning that constricts them.

  • To stop letting our own emotions be so dependent on our partner's actions, and instead to learn how to be the loving steward of our own feelings, so we always know how to feel safe and secure, confident and valuable, empowered and supported.

  • To see for ourselves and know deeply how wildly and exquisitely letting ourselves LOVE fulfills us and brings the very best results right smack into the heart of our marriages and lives.

If you are ready to learn this in your bones and reap the deep everlasting benefits it will bring you forevermore, come coach with me. Schedule your consult today to begin the journey.


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