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From Imagined Control To Real Influence

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

How can you have more genuine influence in your marriage and way more control over your experience of it?

Today, I shed light on this as we continue our series on our human urge to control in our relationships.

In this episode, I offer you an important intermediary step you can take to be great at releasing control and ultimately creating MORE of the fulfillment, support, and authentic love you really want in your marriage

It can be totally life-shattering (in both good and not so comfortable ways) to finally get that we cannot control our significant other--and so much in our lives– that it was all just an illusion that brought us more pain than good.

But as we accept this, we are able to open the door to more loving influence in both our own internal landscapes and our marriages (and other important relationships).

Listen in as I share a rarely talked about but important piece of this process, illustrate it with a vulnerable story of my own, and offer you a chance to take this healing step yourself.

This episode will take you one healing step closer to connecting to deeper love and your capacity to actually influence things in the direction you’d love for them to go on your marriage.

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