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Wondering If I Can Help YOU?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

If you've been wondering at all if I can help you improve your relationship, let’s find out. If any of the following sound like you, the answer is YES! Here’s who I help: ~Sensitive women married to men who want to love their marriages, but don’t right now. Whether it’s conflict, ongoing sense of upset, or loneliness, whether you feel it’s him, and not you, or you know you play a part in the disconnection you’re experiencing, whether your man wants to improve things, too, or he doesn’t feel the need… If you want a better relationship, if you want an amazing relationship, that's what we do around here! Take it directly from my clients: “I’ve never been so happy in my relationship! I got so much more out of working with you for months than I did out of years of therapy! Things now are really, really good with my partner, better than ever. We have been showing each other so much love and tenderness, and things just feel so much easier and lighter.” ~Client “After only a month working with Hannah, I am a calmer, more consistent version of myself. I am enjoying the shift in myself - it feels good to be able to tackle difficult and confronting situations in a different way, with calm and poise and grace - this is a HUGE change for me. And as a result my husband has shifted too - he has come forward, he has started to show me love and affection again, in his own way - holding my hand, wrapping his arm around my shoulder from time to time and has started to refer to ‘we’ and ‘us’ again, which had disappeared for a while. I know I am on my way back to a deep, loving relationship with him, and it feels so good.” ~ Client

~Sensitive women in a committed relationship with a man (but not married) who want to have more security and connection with their partner In just the past few months, 3 of such women emailed me out of the blue some time after our coaching wrapped up to say how their partner had proposed to them and they are now getting married, and are happier than ever together!!! “Sharing some good news for your Friday. We got engaged last month! We are planning the ceremony for the fall. I am still basking in the joy of it all.” ~Client “I just wanted to shoot you a message and let you know that while I am missing our calls, things are going REALLY WELL – to the next level– for C. and me… We’re under contract on a new home, and we’re talking about engagement rings!! “I wanted to share some very wonderful news: We are getting married! <3 We are so happy, and our relationship has truly skyrocketed into new heights of connection and commitment. None of this would have been possible if I hadn't coached with you, Hannah. The work I've done on myself has allowed me to fully receive his supercharged love and to meet him in readiness for marriage.” ~Husbands and partners of my clients who want to participate in making their marriage or relationship more loving, connected, passionate and supportive. I just love it when both partners want to contribute to the work of making their marriage better! It’s truly beautiful to watch the changes that happen. This is always an option when you become my client and your partner is ready and willing. "I can't get over how beautiful our relationship is now after these months with Hannah.It's almost surreal. It's almost like we are totally different people now. Neither of us imagined we'd ever be in this place. Our relationship is so strong and so deep now. We've come to a place where we truly GET each other. We even lovingly deal with conflict. It’s incredible.” ~Client who’s partner did 6 sessions with me.

~Men who resonate with my messages. I've worked with many men on their relationship with women, and they have things like this to say about it: “The work we've been doing has been extremely helpful in stabilizing our relationship. There are really good things happening! I’m definitely feeling more empowered in our relationship and more comfortable in my own skin. Even grateful for what I can bring to the table! I can see how easy it can be to be both the problem or the solution driving our relationship. Crazy to think it can be so simple to go from one end to the other! I'm really grateful I now have a path to keep improving things”. ~Sensitive LGBTQIA+ folks who really resonate with what I'm saying and are cool with adjusting some pronouns and understand that my primary focus is helping cis/pan/bi women with their relationships to cis/pan/bi men. You are more than welcome here! To sum that up: this work makes a huge difference in people’s lives who have this in common: They’re sensitive, they value love and connection deeply, they want to learn how to stop feeling at the mercy of their strong emotions, they want to feel so much better in their marriage or committed relationship and take it to the next loving level (or to figure out if moving on with peace is the right choice for them) –and they sense that getting targeted loving expert help is the key to making this possible!

Sound like you? Then I can help you. Let’s talk. With love, Hannah


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