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6 Seconds To A Better Marriage

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The way to make truly lasting positive changes in your marriage is by addressing the SOURCE of the things that a) keeps you from doing or saying things that lead to a loving relationship, or b) drives you to do things that lead to misunderstanding, hurt, and disconnection.

By making root-deep positive cognitive and emotional shifts, you’ll naturally have way more interactions with your honey full of respect, love, and connection. This podcast, and most of my focus as a teacher and coach, emphasizes this in a big way. (Dive into any episode to start making such shifts today.) But there are also some simple actions you can take that have the power to sway things between you and your significant other in big delightful ways--IF you do them.

Today I share one thing you can do that takes only 6 seconds. Sprinkle this into your daily life together to start feeling more calmness, lightness, connection—and even a reigniting of passion.

My husband and I make it a basic part of our marriage maintenance, and it seriously juices things up.

Listen in to find out what it is. Oh, and it’s fun.

If it isn't as easy as it sounds, find out what to do to make it naturally part of your life together. ( Hint, I shared the answer above.)

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